11 - 18 December 2023

Bangkok will host the Asian Cup On December

What is Minifootball?

Minifootball is a game that is played in small stadiums and has existed for thousands of years, where two teams play 6 against 6 with a reserve of 9 players. Miniature football is the most famous game in the world, as it is played on all continents, especially the Asian continent. It is practiced in municipal squares, parks, schools and districts where special tournaments and leagues are organized to be close to the community where you have an unprecedentedly large attendance of spectators. The game depends on speed, skill, quick response and focus, and both genders play it as in the men’s and women’s tournaments.


AMFC is very interested in members and we will do our best to develop it.

Chang Chin-Po


AMFC has a great strategy to develop and publish the game.

Husain Al Asam


The organized work carried out by the AMFC is respectable.

Khalid El-hadeed