Mohammad Abu Hananah, Director of Media and Technology Communication at IMF

admin | 13/03/2024 | News

After providing distinguished work and great efforts to develop media communication and harness technology to serve MiniFootball in Asia, Eng. Muhammad Abu Hananah bids farewell to the Asian Confederation to be appointed Director General of Media Communication and Technology Development at the International Federation of MiniFootball. By the way, he is a great international competency and one of the founders of MiniFootball in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the general supervisor of the social media accounts and the official website of the International Federation.
Abu Hananah finds praise and appreciation from the President of the International Federation of MiniFootball, Dr. Muhammad Al-Dosari, at the ceremony announcing the Algerian MiniFootball Cup, in the presence of many international sports figures, after everyone in the meeting room gave a warm applause to his honorable person for his tremendous efforts to spread and develop MiniFootball.
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