The Referees Committee adopts the first course for preparing local and international lecturers.

admin | 01/09/2021 | News

The Referees Committee of the Asian Mini Football Confederation decided to announce free online course of preparing local lecturers, the attendees who pass the course, are qualified as lecturers to conduct local courses for referees.

The following are required for each applicant:

  1. To be a former international football referee,
  2. Or a physical education teacher and familiar with football law,
  3. Or a referee registered in the local mini-football league.

After passing the course, the applicant must commit to conduct at least five local courses. The duration of the course is three days with 8 hours per day.

The Referees Committee seeks, in light of the Corona pandemic, to provide everything that would expand the base of local referees at the Asian level.

Two courses for men and women will be conducted, where the one course in West Asia in Arabic language and another course in East Asia in English language.

Each member has the right to nominate from 2 to 3 qualified lecturers of both sexes.

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