Indonesia hosts the Asian Cup for MiniFootball 2023

admin | 30/06/2022 | News

A AMFC delegation headed by President Dr. Muhammad Al-Dosari is visiting Indonesia from 26th June to 2nd July 2022. The delegation had a fruitful meeting with Indonesia Ministry of Sports in Jakarta on 27th July and have garnered support from the Indonesian Sport Authority.

The AMFC delegation will be travelling to Gorontalo city and Bandung city to meet with respective officials to study the feasibility to host the inaugural Asian Cup Championship in 2023. The itinerary include visit to stadiums, hotels and to understand the organisational support for the Championship.

Based on the reports by the visiting delegation, the AMFC executive committee will decide and announce the select host city for the Asian Cup Championship 2023.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Dosari hope that this inaugural Asian Championship could be the steppingstone for other events. More importantly, is to create opportunities for regular gathering of all Asian football enthusiasts.

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